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faith work

Having grown up as a pastor's kid, working in faith-based nonprofits and churches for most of my career, and obtaining a Master's in Divinity and being ordained, my love for church and faith spaces is deep! I also know that there is so much work to do in community to create healthy relationships, provide an authentically hospitable welcome, and imagine what our communities might look like into the future. I am available for pulpit supply, sabbatical ministry, as a consultant around gender and sexuality justice, and so much more! I am comfortable creating worship services within settings that use the lectionary and can also preach thematically. Topics that I particularly love preaching on: the community of faith, consent, sexuality and gender (LGBTQ+ issues), immigration, prophetic imagination, youth + young adult ministry, and ecological justice. Additionally, given my long history of ecumenicalism and experiences working in contemporary and mainline congregations, I can adapt and contextualize content for YOUR community.


I serve as Minister of Gender + Sexuality Liberation at Juniper Formation UCC, which is an online community of movement leaders and people in ministry committed to radical love and justice for the diversity of God's creation, especially those

who are marginalized and oppressed.

Please reach out to discuss opportunities for collaboration and connection. And for a sample of my written work and sermon style, visit my blog.

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