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comprehensive sexuality education

Sometimes, issues related to gender and sexuality can feel like the wild, wild West. I'm here to help folks embrace the wildness of such topics while also finding clarity and vision for the world that's possible when every person has access to comprehensive sexuality education. 


Being with people of all ages as they grasp new ideas and develop skills for healthier relationships is a deep joy and passion for me. As a trained facilitator in multiple comprehensive sexuality education curricula and with years of experience leading groups through intentional learning experiences, I can help schools, community centers, and faith communities develop the tools they need to implement comprehensive sexuality education programs or build skills around gender and sexuality diversity. Or maybe you're a parent looking to expand your capacity to train your children in areas of sexuality and bodies - I'm here to help you do that! Additionally, I am available for consultation with individuals and couples to learn skills around consent, communication, mutuality, pleasure, gender/sexuality, and myriad other related topics. Reach out today to book a complimentary meeting to start the process of collaboration and see below for a sample of my experience and training in this area.


Professional Training


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