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relationship chaplaincy

Relationships are messy and can feel like a wild place. But what if we were able to embrace the gift of the wild places as opportunities for growth and deepening? Our connections to ourselves, our people, and the Divine deserve tending, care, and intention. As an experienced facilitator, minister, and sexuality educator, I love to walk alongside couples and individuals in their journeys as they find new skills for healthy relating, spiritual intention, and strong communication.*


To me, chaplaincy means being in solidarity with couples, not directing them or counseling them. Wedding chaplaincy can look like pre-marital work using the Prepare/Enrich research-backed program, helping you set intentions and goals for your wedding and marriage, assistance in identifying spiritual practices that support each individual and your partnership, and/or discussing family or friend dynamics that are causing stress during wedding planning. I provide packages of sessions along with the proprietary Prepare/Enrich assessment for couples, which can be done as premarital work or as a relationship check-in at any time. My work with individuals is based more on specific needs and can be tailored to the person. Reach out today for a free 15-minute consultation to see how we might work together.


*NOTE: I am a spiritual care provider and facilitator and not a counselor or therapist. I will refer you to a clinician as needed.

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"Candace’s Prepare/Enrich program was such a dream to be a part of! She made us feel at ease and comfortable throughout each of the meetings. Her ability to help couples dig deeper into their partnership and shed light on foundational values throughout the program is exactly what any couple needs before, during, or after marriage (or even if you choose to not go the marriage route!). To sum it all up: Candace is a light to be around! And we couldn’t recommend her Prepare/Enrich Program enough!"
- Morgan + Nick
"Candace was so easy to work with. She helped my husband and I see things from an outsiders' perspective and learn more about our relationship, and relationships with our family and coworkers."
- Josie + Caleb
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